Ledger Nano X Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Social Media Contest Participation Terms and Conditions

● The participant must have an active account at BtcTurk in order for the “Ledger Nano X cryptocurrency hardware wallet” prize (the “prize”) to be delivered in line with the terms and conditions of this contest. (Accounts that are frozen/closed or blocked/with encumbrances on the contest date and users who are subject to administrative and/or legal proceedings on the contest date may not benefit from the prize.)

● This contest will be held on BtcTurk | PRO Twitter account (@btcturkpro). Terms and Conditions for participation do not include other products and services offered by BtcTurk.

● The profiles of the participants on the respective platform must be public. Individuals who participate in the contest by creating a fake profile or benefiting from the deficiencies and mistakes of Twitter’s infrastructure will not be eligible to receive any prize.

● 1 (one) contest will be held on each date specified in these terms and conditions of participation. The contests will be held separately on 03.01.2021 at 01:00PM (UTC), on 04.01.2021 at 01:00PM (UTC) and on 05.01.2021 at 01:00PM (UTC), and only one question will be asked on each contest date. The participants are required to post their answers in the comments section under the question to be shared by BtcTurk on Twitter by tagging BtcTurk’s account on the specified dates and follow BtcTurk’s account in order to participate in the contest. The first 2 people among the participants who are members of BtcTurk and fulfill these terms and conditions who give the correct answer the fastest and whose account is not locked (the “winners”) will be entitled to win the Ledger Nano X prize. The contest will be deemed ended as well when the date and time specified for each contest ends.

● Those who give the correct answer properly in the fastest way by tagging the @btcturkprotr Twitter account will be listed on Twitter’s application TweetDeck. Winners will be announced on the social media accounts of BtcTurk on 08.01.2021. Participants declared to have won must send their name-surname, e-mail address, telephone, and address details as registered at BtcTurk to @btcturkprotr Twitter account via a private message. If the winners of the contest fail to notify their details until 08:59PM (UTC) on 09.01.2021 at the latest, and/or notify their details insufficiently/incorrectly, their prize will not be delivered to them and canceled and substitute winners will be contacted accordingly.

● BtcTurk will contact the winners of the prizes after the winners submit their details. If BtcTurk cannot reach the winners through their e-mail and phone details sent until 08:59PM (UTC) on 11.01.2021, these persons will not be delivered the prize and substitute winners will be contacted. BtcTurk will have no responsibility if the participant cannot be reached due to incomplete or incorrect contact details. The prizes will be delivered at the time set and manner preferred by BtcTurk after the winners are contacted. The manner regarding delivering the Prize to the winners is at the discretion of BtcTurk. The prize may be sent by cargo to the addresses notified by the winners and it may also be delivered personally if the winners visit BtcTurk to collect their prize at Kültür Mah. Nispetiye Cad. Akmerkez E Blok K: 9 Etiler-Beşiktaş/Istanbul provided that they apply in person submitting their original ID cards. In cases where BtcTurk chooses the hand-delivery option, the winners who cannot submit their documents in full and/or do not apply personally will not be eligible to receive the prize and their prizes will be canceled.

● In cases where the Prize is sent to the winners by cargo, BtcTurk may not be held responsible for any damages that may occur during transportation and/or delivery. Once the prize is delivered, the obligation to protect it carefully belongs to the winner as well.

● BtcTurk may not be held responsible and is not obliged to resend the prize, if the cargo cannot be delivered/returned due to reasons such as the addresses notified to Btcturk by the winners are inaccurate and/or incomplete, the winners are not available at the address, etc.

● Winners will be sent the terms of use of the Prize by BtcTurk, and if these terms are not approved by the winners, BtcTurk has the right not to deliver the Prize. The winners who do not approve the terms of use lose their right to receive the prize, the prize is not delivered to them and substitute winners are contacted accordingly.

● Participants are required to have a command of English and it will be deemed that they have read and understood these terms and conditions written in English.

● The winner of the Prize may not use the Prize in any way to disrupt public order, against public morality, for an illegal purpose and/or to violate the material and moral rights of third parties. BtcTurk will bear no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of the Prize in such a way.

● The company is not responsible for the problems and malfunctions that may arise due to the e-mail address, telephone information and address details registered at BtcTurk being incomplete and inaccurate, the e-mail address and telephone number notified by the winner to BtcTurk being registered for someone else, or the e-mail address and telephone number not being identical with the e-mail address and telephone number provided during signing up to BtcTurk. Proving out the accuracy of the information provided by the winning users is the participant’s responsibility. In case of occurrence of any of the issues described under this clause, BtcTurk does not assume any responsibility regarding contacting with such participant even if the said user wins a Prize.

● BtcTurk users over the age of 18 can participate in this contest. Only users who have individual accounts in BtcTurk can benefit from this contest, and corporate accounts or corporate account officials will not be eligible to receive any prize even if they win. Those who do not meet these terms and conditions will not receive any prize even if they participate and win; their prize will be canceled and substitute winners will be contacted.

● One person cannot win more than one prize. Repeated entries in the contests shall not be deemed valid. Furthermore, the winners who won prizes from contests held regarding the same Prize prior to this contest or from those organized afterwards will not be eligible to receive the prize, their prizes will be canceled and substitute winners will be contacted.

● Eliptik Yazılım ve Tic. A.Ş. and Liberyum Danışmanlık Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş. employees cannot participate in this contest and they will not be given a prize even if they participate and win, their prizes will be canceled and substitute winners will be contacted.

● In case of detection of different comments posted by the same person by providing different information to BtcTurk, these persons will not be included in the contest. Such persons will not receive any prize even if they win; their prize will be canceled and substitute winners will be contacted.

● The prize of the contest is personal and only 1 prize will be delivered per contest. The prize cannot be transferred to any other person or any other user and cannot be redeemed for cash.

● All taxes (customs tax, etc.) and legal liabilities, except VAT, related to the prize won shall be covered by the winners.

● There may be differences between the prize visuals used in the contest announcements and the color, appearance and features of the prize to be given.

● Participants can sign up at BtcTurk, BtcTurk | PRO websites, or use BtcTurk and BtcTurk PRO mobile application to sign up

● Abuse of the terms and conditions of the contest or trading it is prohibited. In cases where such a situation is noticed, the related prize may be canceled.

● Situations beyond the control of the parties such as natural disasters, war, civil war, mobilization, fire, explosion, insurrection, terror, cyber attacks, prolonged and general power outages, decisions to block access to the website/websites where the advertisement/advertisements will be published, to the IP addresses and ad server systems to which these sites are linked and legislative changes that cannot be foreseen by BtcTurk at the time of drawing up these Participation Terms and Conditions which partially or completely hinder the fulfillment of obligations arising from these terms and conditions are considered force majeure. In all cases listed in this clause and also deemed force majeure by law even though not listed herein, BtcTurk shall not be liable for its delayed or missing fulfillment of any of its acts determined by these Terms or Conditions or for its failure to fulfill such acts. No situation will be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default in cases of force majeure, and no compensation under any title shall be claimed from BtcTurk by the user in these regards.

● Eliptik Yazılım ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“BtcTurk” or the “Company”) reserves the right to end the contest at any time as they deem fit and/or change the terms and/or terminate the contest.The user is required to follow these announced changes and updates. The unchanged provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Participation will remain in effect and continue to give rise to legal consequences thereof.

● The Disclosure Statement of our Company on Law on Protection of Personal Data is available at https://pro.btcturk.com/en/legal-information/personal-data-protection

● Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices have the jurisdiction on resolution of disputes regarding these Participation Terms and Conditions.

● Everyone participating in this contest shall be deemed to have accepted the above terms and conditions.

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