BtcTurk Becomes Main Sponsor of Women’s and Men’s National Teams

BtcTurk, Turkey’s first and world’s fourth Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform, and Turkish Football Federation (TFF) join forces for National Teams, the highest level in Turkish football.

BtcTurk, Turkey’s first and world’s fourth bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform where Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are traded in a convenient and secure way in Turkey, signed a “Main Sponsorship” agreement with Women’s and Men’s National Teams to contribute to their success. BtcTurk became the first cryptocurrency platform in the world to sign a sponsorship with a national teams.

Moderated by National Teams Communications Director Türker Tozar, the signature ceremony took place in TFF’s Hasan Doğan National Teams Camp and Training Facilities in Riva, Istanbul with the participation ofNihat Özdemir, President of TFF; Özgür Güneri, CEO of BtcTurk; Alkın Kalkavan, Board Member of TFF; Board Members of TFF; Necla Güngör Kıragası, Head Coach of Women’s National Football Team; and Şenol Güneş, Head Coach of Men’s National Football Team, as well as players of Women’s and Men’s National Teams.

BtcTurk Supports Women’s and Men’s National Teams: #SonuKupaOlsun  (#LetThisBeTheRoadToCup)!

BtcTurk’s CEO, Özgür Güneri commented: “As BtcTurk, we continue to move forward on our path with the mission of being a pioneer brand in the world. We take great pride in being one of the “Main” supporters of our National Teams at the UEFA European Championship, which will be held in 2021 — the first time the games will be held in an odd-numbered year. Last year, we supported Yeni Malatyaspor, one of the successful clubs in TFF’s Super League, as their name and jersey sponsor. This year, we continue to contribute to the Turkish sports and football community, and we are very pleased to support our Women’s and Men’s National Teams. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Nihat Özdemir, President of TFF and to all members of the board. With this agreement to be valid for 28 months, BtcTurk undertakes to be the main sponsor of our Women’s and Men’s National Teams. This way, we aim to support the successful representation of Turkish sports in the world and to contribute to saving resources for future generations. Our agreement with TFF will further strengthen our National Teams, which make us proud at all times, prior to finals of European Football Championship. With the stability to be achieved thanks to this partnership, we firmly believe that our National Teams will realize their great ambitions in the future tournaments and fill the people of our country with great joy. As BtcTurk, we wish our Women’s and Men’s National Teams success and say #SonuKupaOlsun (#LetThisBeTheRoadToCup)”

TFF President Nihat Özdemir commented; “Today we launch a very significant partnership with BtcTurk, the leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform in Turkey and a pioneer in its field. Football is a team sport and nowadays sponsors are among the most important players of this team. We are stronger and more successful with our sponsors. As Turkish Football Federation, we have always joined forces with prominent brands. BtcTurk, the newest member of our sponsor family, is a young and very significant value for our country. I express my sincere thanks to them for the support they provide to our Women’s and Men’s National Teams. With this agreement, I hope that our National Teams will write stories of success that lead to trophies. Thanks to the support of BtcTurk, I believe that both our Men’s and Women’s National Teams will gain many achievements to put a smile on the faces of Turkish people. Our National Team jumped from 41st place to 29th in the FIFA ranking and hopefully will take firm steps to rank among the top 10 countries in the world. Our Women’s National Teams will also make their mark in Europe in the future period.

Necla Güngör Kıragası, Head Coach of Women’s National Team noted; “For me, it is very valuable to be here as the guest of our federation and our new sponsor BtcTurk in a manner that appreciates the presence of women in football and demonstrates the value attached to our Women’s National Teams. For that matter, I would like to express my gratitude to our President Mr. Nihat Özdemir, to all members of the board, and to our sponsor BtcTurk on behalf of all women in the football community. Recently, women’s involvement in football is highlighted more with the support of new organizational changes within women’s football. We work very hard to be worthy of this trust and take responsibility in infrastructure projects to help women’s football find a wider audience. Our target is to make Turkey one of the leading countries in women football in the near future. With the support of our new sponsor BtcTurk, I believe that we can achieve our target and I would like to convey my best wishes on the agreement both for our football community and our country.

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